Office Space in Mayfair

From £1000 per month to £9000

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On 31st July 2015
Last modified:11th June 2023


Mayfair is one of the finest Office Space locations in the UK, offering top class neighbours and organisations. If you are looking for a 5 Star location for your business, then a serviced office in mayfair is highly recommended.

Are you looking for Office Space In Mayfair?

Here are some Key Facts about the Mayfair area

Locating Office space in the Mayfair region of London, is an expensive business for large organisations, however there are more Virtual Offices and managed office addresses becoming available, at very affordable prices in comparison.

The prestige of being based in such as affluent area of London, can often transform small organisations into huge businesses overnight, with the rich and famous living and indeed working in the area. Investors have always thrived in Mayfair, due to its central location and the fact that it oozes Class and Professional people. The Crown Estate remains the largest owner of the freehold land and premises within the district, with example landlords such as the Duke of Westminster.

As well as the United States Embassy being located in Grosvenor Square, there are real estate companies, corporate headquarters, retail outlets, hotels, gentleman clubs to name but a few.


If you are looking to find an office to rent for your new or existing business, in the UK, then this is probably the finest address you could hold, in terms of Quality, Prestige and Potential networking.

We will be reviewing some of the offices that are available to rent, let or use for virtual office purposes shortly.